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Anti Spam Tools, Tricks and Tips

LinuxMagic had been developing tools for spam protection for mail servers for several years. We concentrate on methods that can be used to identify spam before you accept the data. Some of these techniques are used in our own 'Mail Server Profiling' technologies, and some can be applied to other mail servers.

Feel free to contact our offices, if you feel that you would like help integrating some of these technologies into your own products, or if you wish more partnering information.

The main 4 causes of spam that still remain a challenge for most operators are:

  • Spam from trojans, bots and viruses (Symantec reports 6 million are active now)
  • Spam leaking from free email providers (Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail all have a battle on their hands)
  • Spam from legitimate or quasi-legitimate marketing companies (MIPSpace provides more information about this)
  • Spam from email servers with no outbound rate limiters

Other causes that should be mentioned:

  • Spam from compromised servers (thankfully, this has been occurring less and less and is usually obviously identifiable spam from hacked user accounts)

Again, had rate limiters been deployed on the mail server, they would catch this

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