LinuxMagic BMS - Blacklist Mastering System - Licensing

IP Mastering and BMS (BlackList Mastering Program) Licensing

This page is mostly important for packagers and large organizations that want to use the BMS System with their own lists, or to provide this service to their own clients.

We intend for the BMS Client Programs to be always freely distributable for use with any BMS Service Provider or List Provider, both commercial and free.

As well, the complete IP Mastering System will be freely available, under the license, to qualified organizations.

This page is mainly to explain how to arrange for licensing for the BMS Server Programs and to deal with the legal issues.

The LinuxMagic List Provider, although intended primarily for purchasers of the LinuxMagic Mail Server Products, is also available for public use, providing remastered Public Blacklists.

For more information on actual licensing, visit the LinuxMagic contact page or email

However, end users should visit our downloads page for the Free BMS Client Programs. Feel free to redistribute these Client Programs as the license indicates.