LinuxMagic BMS - Blacklist Mastering System - General Blacklist Information

General Blacklist Information

LinuxMagic Provides both the BlackList Mastering System as a program for other companies to use with their selection of blacklists, as well as acting as a BMS List Provider, to those who have downloaded the BMS Client Lookup Programs.

We normally do not control the content on any of the lists provided, and the responsibility still lies with the user of the BMS system to choose wisely in which lists they decide to enable.

However, we do act as a central list repository for several public DUL's, ie lists of addresses where the ISP in control of those addresses states they should not be the source of legitimate email.

LinuxMagic DOES NOT IN ANY WAY choose which addresses should be blacklisted or not. We make the lists available for others to choose from. We do try to offer as robust a set of lists as we can, providing the lists are maintained in a regular fashion. The lists supplied by LinuxMagic as a BMS List Provider are listed in the menu on the left, and if you wish more information as to why addresses are contained in those lists, please follow the links to the sites that control the lists themselves.

All lists contained herein are either publicly accessible lists, or the owners of the lists have agreed to let us remaster them for distribution. If any list is provided, in error, without the consent of the list owner, please advise us, and we will remove it immediately.

Removal of lists, or stale lists will not adversely affect service, as the system is designed to continue using the latest cached lists, however we do recommend that if a list does not get updated in a timely manner, you should decide whether you wish to continue enabling such stale lists.

One of the problems with traditional RBL style blacklisting is when the provider discontinues service, they could choose to have it report all addresses as being positive, which is a bad thing. That cannot happen with this system.

If you wish to provide us with a blacklist which you want to publicize in the BMS Format, please let us know. You can use the links in the menu to the left to apply to have your lists added.

We are also encouraging all ISP's and TELCO's to provide us with a list of the IP Addresses that we should include in the central DUL lists. We would like to encourage national DUL Registries and until a Canadian DUL list is created, we would like to encourage Canadian ISP's and TELCO's to provide us with their DUL lists so that we can disseminate them to the public as well.

However, again..

  • We do not choose what addresses are in the lists
  • We do not choose which lists your ISP's activate
  • We provide lists supplied, as a service, and the use made thereof is beyond our control