LinuxMagic BMS - Blacklist Mastering System - Whitepaper

IP Address Mastering System and BMS Usage White Paper

A White Paper on the overall advantages of using the IP Address List Remastering System for use in the BMS (Blacklist Mastering System) and why the BMS System is better than traditional Blacklist Lookup strategies for Mail Delivery and Anti-Spam Technologies is being produced, and will be published on this page.

Worldwide adoption of DUL lists is expected to be the simplest and easiest way to limit Email from only ISP's, Telco's, Businesses and Individuals, that are responsible parties.

By limiting the addresses from which we accept mail to these types of parties, we can and will prevent those parties who either support the sending of un-solicited email, or where they do not use active prevention methods, or are un-supportive of Anti-Spam movements worldwide.

This does require though, some flexibility in which lists individual companies and ISP's use to 'blacklist' IP Addresses, and standards will be different depending on many factors. This will require many lists representing many different standards, from which ISP's will choose the standards that best suit their needs.

It is this requirement, to use many lists, and to be able to statistically analyze each lists effectiveness that make the BMS System such a benefit, both on lowering loads due to Spammers, but as a pro-active tool to reduce Spam Worldwide.