LinuxMagic - About Us

LinuxMagic® is the number one Linux development house in the Pacific NorthWest. The company enjoys a rich reputation as email experts and has developed commercial and OpenSource email and anti-spam technologies.

From high-volume mail servers & anti-spam technologies, to security LinuxMagic - Catch the Magic of Linuxand mission critical needs, our ISP and Enterprise Linux experience is here to help solve your pain. Whether lowering costs, increasing opportunities, or just helping you sleep at night, trust in an experienced technology partner.

Mission Statement

Our mission has always been to become a global player in the content delivery space, and to bring affordable solutions and applications to the market place using Linux as our main development tool and platform. We believe that the key to achieving this is the ability to provide solutions for carriers, Telco's and ISPs in a secure and professional manner. We believe the future of content delivery (and the requirements for future devices to communicate between each other, securely, safely, and conveniently) lies therein. We believe in the digital convergence and the future of embedded devices, and see the carriers as the necessary link to make this happen. As well, we firmly believe that the OpenSource movement and Linux will make this happen sooner, faster and cheaper. Our company will enable others to...

"Catch the Magic of Linux.."™

Corporate History

LinuxMagic® is the development arm of Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd., Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd.a privately-held, Canadian company formed to leverage the intellectual property and Linux development expertise of the company as it moves from an Internet and network, support and services company into a product development company. Wizard IT has a 10 year history creating innovative solutions for the Internet Service Provider (ISP) market, as well as products for the Small to Medium Business (SMB) market.

Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd. was federally incorporated in 1997 by its founder Michael Peddemors. The business originally operated as a network technology oriented business, while offering general systems and software support. In response to customer requests and market demand, the company focused on offering Linux based services and developed into a Linux specialty shop. Currently the company operates as LinuxMagic® and Wizard IT Services, continually building on its reputation as the premiere Linux support provider in the Pacific Northwest. With specialized skills that are highly in demand, the company has also developed numerous Linux based products and intellectual property.

LinuxMagic®, has especially gained a worldwide reputation for its innovative developments in mail servers, particularly with their high volume performance and anti-spam technologies.

It is the mail server developments that are expected to lead the growth of the company as it transitions to a product focused company.

LinuxMagic® and its parent company have believed that any long-term strategy should involve working with Telco's, ISPs and SMBs at the infrastructure level. These latest developments continue with that vision. Recently, LinuxMagic® has taken the developments in their mail server technologies and released them in an easy to use, easy to administer, all in one product. All integrated with its spam/virus protection, it is called MagicMail. It already protects millions of users at ISPs throughout North America and has received high acclaim from its customers.

A member of the Canadian Anti-Spam Task Force, and many other organizations, the company continues expanding on its legacy, its commitment to Linux, and bringing their solutions to the world.