LinuxMagic Services - Services - Programming and Development

Programming & Development

LinuxMagic has its own dedicated team of programmers and developers that can modify or support existing infrastructures and software or develop custom applications. With their continual commitment to security and training in the latest technologies, they have the ability to find solutions with lower overall costs and the highest level of support possible. With its sister company, Wizard IT, LinuxMagic has the ability to deploy solutions in either Windows or Linux/Unix environments. With their own Linux distributions or on other Linux distributions, LinuxMagic provides the most advanced skills, right down to the operating system level.

For a listing of our in-house programming skills, please see below.

  • Web Related Programming

  • PHP, Perl, CGI
  • Java, Javascript, XML
  • Database Related Programming

  • MySQL, Postgres and other Opensource Databases
  • Microsoft Access
  • Linux Programming

  • Debian, Redhat, Novell, Ubuuntu, Slackware and all other major distributions
  • Kernel Programming
  • Network Programming
  • Shell Scripting
  • Security, Firewall, VPN and other security related issues
  • Reporting, Tracking and Monitoring Tools
  • C Programming Skills

  • C, C++, and cross platform deployment
  • Custom Modification of Existing Applications
  • Kernel, Networking, Multi Server Environments
  • Existing Software Projects

  • Email Servers
  • Linux Operating System Distribution
  • Anti-Spam solutions
  • Firewall Products
  • Game Development
  • Webmail products
  • Web Programs, Statistical Trackers, Access Controls, Dynamic HTML
  • High Volume Mail Processing Scripts
  • E-Commerce Systems
  • HR Systems