OfficeMagic Groupware

OfficeMagic Groupware

OfficeMagic Groupware ™ is the latest service offering from LinuxMagic, creators of MagicMail®, that gives you the power to offer efficient groupware services in an all-in-one collaboration suite.

Utilizing core technology already in use by over 15 million users worldwide, you can now offer integrated groupware services to your customers' existing email accounts in just minutes.

OfficeMagic Groupware's List of Features

Below is a list of the features available in the OfficeMagic Groupware product.

  • Contact Management

    Share your contacts with other users in the organization.

  • Shared Calendars

    Book meetings and schedule events. Then invite your contacts to join.

  • Mobile

    Sync all your data with your mobile device and take your work with you anywhere.

  • Desktop Sync

    Use any email client like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Collaboration Tools

    Centralize your tasks list and collaborate on documents.

  • Spam-free Email

    Never worry about spam again with our advanced anti-spam email services.

  • Integration

    Integrates seamlessly with Outlook (2003+) and MacOS X.

  • Remote Access

    Access your data remotely directly from the cloud any where, any time.

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