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Computers Lose Weight at FitnessWorld

Posted on: 2003-12-10| Type: News Item

Surrey, BC -- December 10,2003 -- LINUXMAGIC today announced successful completion of it's Linux-based, thin client 'WorkPlace' solution for all BC FitnessWorld locations. The project included replacement of Windows desktops and implementation of 60 thin client workstations using LinuxMagic's own network integration solution, 'WorkPlace'. The project is estimated to reduce FitnessWorld's annual cost of desktop ownership and support by $2,000 per workstation, and allow FitnessWorld to more easily expand its future operations in the areas of personal training, wellness, and fitness services.

Ivan Beletsky, Senior Systems Administrator for FitnessWorld, had this to say about the new 'WorkPlace' solution. "WorkPlace environment provides our IT team with such essential features as centralized administration, rock-solid stability, self-monitoring, and high performance. Currently we have 2 technicians supporting over 200 end users where Workplace is deployed. These inexpensive Intel servers with mirrored hard drives running Linux WorkPlace never go down and don't need to be rebooted every several weeks for performance reasons, unlike some other proprietary server operating systems. If there is a hardware problem with a thin client, it takes us only 10 minutes to replace it and have it available for end users because no installation or configuration is required on the client".

Adoption of Linux-based solutions reflects a growing world-wide trend. In May of this year, the City of Munich announced its intention to adopt Linux for 14,000 of its employees. Companies like Google and Amazon have been using Linux for years. School districts in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon are beginning to use Linux to manage key IT functions. And the recent announcement by Novell to purchase (with IBM support) the German Linux company, SuSE, reflects a clear recognition by many in the IT industry that Linux is a viable, if not preferable, alternative to Windows solutions.

The decision for FitnessWorld to adopt not only a Linux-based desktop solution, but a thin client one as well, shows foresight. Thin client workstations have no CD players, diskette drives, or expansion slots. This not only helps protect the security of enterprise data, it significantly cuts down on hardware costs. With no moving parts, thin client workstations last far longer than their PC counterparts, and consequently, are a much more affordable long-term solution. Systems administration is managed entirely at the Server level, making overall systems support much easier. And software licensing fees are significantly reduced.

Michael Peddemors, President and CEO of LinuxMagic had this to say about his company's 'WorkPlace' solution. "The switch from Windows PCs to the LinuxMagic operating system and a thin client solution like 'WorkPlace' is a no-brainer. It's hard to argue with a solution that lowers your costs by thousands of dollars per workstation, eases your adminstrative and maintenance workload, and improves your data security, all while allowing you to continue doing everything you currently do".

Peter Schmit, Director of Marketing and Sales at LinuxMagic had this to add. "We are extremely excited about our thin client desktop solution, and so are our clients. It is an ideal, low-cost workstation solution for organizations like FitnessWorld. Other great candidates for this technology include educational institutions, governments, non-profits, and the financial sector. Both the thin client hardware and our LinuxMagic software are mature, enterprise-ready products that can be reliably deployed virtually anywhere, and integrated with existing systems."

Other companies and organizations that have embraced Linux or solutions like 'WorkPlace' include Toronto Children Services Division, City of Miami, Merrill Lynch, Air New Zealand and HSBC in Hong Kong. FitnessWorld of BC can now be added to that distinguished list.