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MagicMail 5.1.2 Release Announcement

Posted on: 2024-03-14| Type: News Item

March 14th, 2024, VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is excited to announce the latest update to MagicMail, the email platform preferred by ISPs and Telcos across North America.

This new release enhances both security and performance, offering easier management of email accounts, especially following password updates or suspensions, and improved email processing speeds. Email organization has never been simpler, with new ways to sort and filter messages directly by users. Every new account now benefits from enhanced security features from the start. We've also optimized how emails are sent and received, ensuring faster service while using fewer system resources. Additionally, improvements have been made to email forwarding for a smoother user experience.

MagicMail, as a top-selling email platform in North America, is tailored for the unique needs of ISPs, Telcos, and Cable companies, aiming to provide the best email service in terms of spam protection, usability, reliability, security, and scalability. Our latest enhancements are designed to further minimize support needs while maintaining our commitment to a high-quality email experience.