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LinuxMagic Booth at cPanel Conference 2012

Posted on: 2012-09-26| Type: News Item

SEPT 26th, 2012 VANCOUVER, BC: LINUXMAGIC is happy to announce that they will be a Sophomore sponsor at this years cPanel Conference 2012 in Houston, Texas. From October 8th to 10th come and visit LinuxMagic at booth #49 near the cPanel store. LinuxMagic will be proudly showing the 500+ expected attendees the importance of email and spam protection in the Hosting Industry by demonstrating such products as our Carrier Grade MagicMail Platform, and MagicSpam for cPanel/WHM Pro version 2.0!

MagicMail, the leading commercial email platform used in large scale deployments at Telco's and ISPs throughout North America, is now available for the HSP (Hosting Provider) hosting companies which typically had to manage many different mail servers, to now centralize all their email on a single platform, and still allow hosting customers to maintain and manage via their own control panels. Using the many features of MagicMail this will help Hosting Providers provide 'Best of Breed' email to their customers, while reducing costs, management headaches, and simplify all email problems to one place, including providing integrated Spam Protection, and modern day email requirements for their users. As well, it helps control the outbound abuse problems that plague the industry, offer a early warning compromised account detection system with MagicMails rate limiters, and will help decrease server bandwidth and I/O usage and allow for more domains/users per server.

The Hosting Providers already know LinuxMagic because of it's "Spam Protection Done Right!" spam protection for WHM/cPanel, known as MagicSpam. MagicSpam is known for it's slogan, "Easy To Install, Easy to Use, and Easy to Sell!", and allows for Spam Protection to be performed in a manner better suited for the industry, licensed to protect unlimited users and domains for only pennies for day per server. And with MagicSpam PRO for WHM/cPanel, it now allows hosting providers to provide Spam Protection as an 'upsell' to not only WHM customers, but so that the WHM customers can upsell to their customers.

LinuxMagic is looking forward to show casing both products, and bringing case studies forward for both MagicSpam Resellers, as well as the HSP's looking to move towards centralized email in their data center.

Spokesperson Aaron Wuerch was reported as saying how excited he was to be attending this event. "We have done incredible things for Telco's and have a proven reputation for making email simple again, and our customer love us. But what makes this event exciting, is knowing how many advantages moving to centralized email brings to the hosting providers". He further added, "Watch for our session on the Wednesday which will make any one a believer, that if they haven't already thought about it, they will now".

LinuxMagic CEO, Michael Peddemors also had this to say. "The hosting industry hasn't always given the importance to good email that they should, and have been hampered with trying to use 10-15 year old email technologies. The world of email is much different today, and you have to have a modern system. You can't expect everyone to need an email/spam protection person on staff. MagicMail is proven to make providing email easier, and when so many reports show the effect on customer retention, when so many reports talk about the importance of email, it is time to take some lessons from the ISP/Telco's. Remember, the number one use still today of Smart Phones is to check email, you have to make sure you keep up. It can be your loyalty tool, or it can be the reason people leave you".

The cPanel Conference is always a wonderful event to learn about ways to improve the HSP business, and this year is sure to exceed it's reputation. In between all the work shops, and other exciting events, please make sure to visit the team at their booth, and they can help you learn more from the email experts at LinuxMagic.

LinuxMagic looks forward to seeing it's satisfied friends, customers and Partners at the cPanel Conference 2012.

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