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Kentucky Chooses Canadian Email Platform

Posted on: 2011-07-07| Type: Press Release

July 7th, 2011 VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce the sale of their flagship Email Platform, "MagicMail" to six different Kentucky based ISP's and Telco's in the month of July alone, as they continue their expansion in the US marketplace of Tier Two ISP and Telecommunications companies.

LinuxMagic is a Canadian Software development company with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and San Jose, Costa Rica specializing in products for the ISP, Telecommunication and Hosting sectors, and a world wide reputation for their Carrier Grade Email Platforms and Spam Protection technologies.

These latest sales mean that nearly 20% of the people in Kentucky who use one of the Tier Two ISP's for their internet connectivity will be using the MagicMail platforms for their daily email communications and spam protection.

LinuxMagic first started exporting MagicMail to the US market almost ten years ago and has grown their market presence since. With an extremely loyal customer base, and almost 95% of it's revenue from the export market, LinuxMagic is clearly emerging both as a leader in this space, as well as a Canadian Software success story.

With the increasingly competitive markets, Telco's and ISP's realize that the email platform can make real difference in costs, and in competitive advantages. Email is still the main form of daily communication, an essential service to their customers, but email is so much more complex today that developing custom in house solutions is no longer an option.

Michael Peddemors, President/CEO stated, "What we do, and we have always done, is make 'Email Simple Again' for our customers. Because the US market has a much larger Tier 2 ISP market, it was always natural they would come to us first. Not every company can keep up with the technology, the costs, and the expertise to deliver what customers now expect from their carriers in terms of email products and protections."

Sales Manager, Aaron Wuerch adds... "Our customers love MagicMail because it is simple and effective. They know, in order to keep customers, you have to give them quality email services."

MagicMail is an on premises low cost carrier grade solution specially designed for the needs of ISP's and Telco's with their specific niche market. LinuxMagic was prescient in seeing the market demand and potential. It's expertise in this market has also developed extreme customer loyalty.

"The amazing thing is our customer satisfaction in our company and our product", adds Aaron. "Our customers are our best references, and we experience virtually zero customer churn. Our very first customers are still with us, and the praise we get from them to other prospective clients really helps us as we increase market share."

Jared Simpson IP Engineer at OTT Communications, a recent new customer supports this by saying "As soon as I saw MagicMail for the first time I knew I wanted it... LinuxMagic has done a great job of developing the most complete email server package I have ever used. Our migration was flawless and the system is so intuitive that my email provisioning team was trained in no time and never missed a beat. The support team takes every question seriously and always gets back to us quickly with very detailed answers to our questions. The servers are rock solid and our customers are happy; We absolutely made the right choice when we decided to make MagicMail our new email platform."

Mr Peddemors also continues to be excited about the company's successes. "We are proud of our success, as a technology company and as a Canadian export company. Being a Vancouver success story, even in these challenging economic times is a testament to our opportunities on the world stage."

"This is only the beginning. We see even greater potential in the future in the emerging markets, especially in Latin America. We continue with +20% growth in the US market, and we only see greater growth potential going forward. We just opened a 2nd office in Costa Rica, and we hope to quickly add to the millions of users who already use our platforms, we are constantly looking for ways for our clients to be more competitive, the generate stronger loyalty and new revenue opportunities in their customer base."