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LinuxMagic adopts Costa Rican employee bonus model

Posted on: 2011-05-02| Type: News Item

APRIL 29th, 2011 VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce that they have launched a new employee incentive/bonus plan based on a Costa Rican employee bonus model, and now all their employees will have another present to look for in December.

LinuxMagic is a Canadian Software development company which has recently launched a new office in Costa Rica to better service the Latin American markets, and already the culture is rubbing off back at the Vancouver Head Office.

In Costa Rica, it is customary for employees to receive not just 12 months wages from their employers, but they also receive a 13th month's pay which is paid on December on top of their normal pay for December. From the first time LinuxMagic's President/CEO “Michael Peddemors” heard of this policy, he thought it was a great idea for all businesses to adopt, and the new office in Costa Rica was a great time to implement it at home.

“I used to wonder at how happy everyone was in Costa Rica during December, and I used to think is was just a cultural thing, or just because of the upcoming holidays, however when I heard about the employee bonus plan that is dictated by law, I thought this was a great idea in so many ways”, say Mr. Peddemors.

“If we give a small bonus every month, it could never give that same pleasure, it would just be used for one more latte, one more dinner, or maybe a little better clothes, but the person's life would not really be changed.”.

Michael adds.. “Giving them a larger lump sump, especially with Christmas and Holidays ahead, can make a world of difference. They can buy the bigger gifts, like putting down payments on cars, big screen TV's, rings for the fiance, or trips for the family”.

And with the whole country all getting that extra payday at the same time means the store owners are doing booming business. That 'free' money isn't spoken for already by their day to day bills, and that means everyone is walking with a bounce in their step, a smile on their face, and a very brisk positive push in the economy.

This new direction might be just what the economies need in other areas, to help stimulate spending, and making the holidays just a little bit more enjoyable for everybody.