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Now Available for Upgrade - MagicMail Version 1.3 with Advanced Built-in Spam Protection

Posted on: 2010-05-12| Type: Press Release

May 12, 2010 - Vancouver, BC: LinuxMagic is pleased to announce the latest release of MagicMail 1.3 now available for download and installation.

The latest release of MagicMail Version 1.3, is an important upgrade to the base operating system, modelled on the Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support). This ensures that the system will be stable and secure for years to come with the stability of a Debian based packaging systems, the strength of the worldwide Ubuntu community, and backed by the LinuxMagic team to keep customers email servers up to date, and easy to use.

MagicMail 1.3 is a major release, and LinuxMagic developers are moving forward on building out on the 1.3 product line over the next few months.

Here is why the MagicMail 1.3 email server platform is popular with ISP and Telcos.

New Features and Improvements

o Tuxedo Webmail (Ajax) now available as an option for customers o New alerting system for critical issues and releases. o Updates to Content Filtering Rules. Total control of the filtering. o Enhanced spam protection from free email providers. o Faster and easier MagicMail updates. o User friendly interfaces with an improved GUI tools. o New spam rule GUI tool, to view all users spam settings. o Quicker resolutions to support questions. o New Log Search GUI to find all the log entries that apply to a given email

As a comprehensive release and improvement, MagicMail 1.3 represents a major upgrade to the underlying operating system (Debian;Ubuntu), and the expert in-house LinuxMagic Support team will be providing the upgrade.

To ensure a smooth transition, customers are requested to contact the support team to schedule a convenient time for the upgrade.

About LinuxMagic makers of MagicMail

LinuxMagic is a leader in developing anti spam solutions for the ISP and Telco markets. As a member of the Canadian Anti-Spam Task force and the number one Linux Development house in the Pacific Northwest USA, LinuxMagic continues to provide technology specifically targeted towards customers looking for simpler integrated solutions for their mail servers. For more information on MagicMail please visit