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MagicSpam for cPanel Now in Beta!

Posted on: 2009-12-14| Type: News Item

December 14, 2009 - VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic, the creators of MagicSpam, are happy to announce it has now released it's first BETA version for the CPanel product lines. Now providers who use CPanel WHM can get the same great protection that previously was limited only to other software bases. MagicSpam for CPanel (Version 11.0 and greater) BETA release was driven by customer demand, to stop spam BEFORE the server has to process it.

ISP's and Telco's know how important this is, not only to reduce server loads and bandwidth, but to prevent the 'backscatter' that many filtering systems generate. And the anti spam components in MagicSpam are the same proven technologies that are used in the 'MagicMail' servers that ISP's and Telco's use.

MagicSpam makes it simple for a one click install, and comes complete with management consoles, stats, logging, reputation lists, and more. The BETA program is expected to run for one month, after which the production version should be made available to the public. For more information on MagicSpam please visit

If you are interested in a trial of the BETA release for CPanel, please contact for further information.