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City West Moves to MagicMail Platform

Posted on: 2009-11-14| Type: News Item

NOV 14th, 2009 VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce that City West Cable and Telephone, Prince Rupert BC, has chosen to move to LinuxMagic's flagship product, MagicMail for all their email and anti-spam handling needs.

Given the current economy, LinuxMagic is seeing more operators who need to have more effecient email servers, that are easier to maintain and more user friendly. ISP's and Telco's are finding that email processing and anti-spam handling is becoming more and more complex, and rather than spending more dollars in IT staff, hardware, and development, it is much more cost effective to purchase a turn-key solution for the ISP/Telco market.

LinuxMagic has had a strong penetration in the US Market for some time, and it is nice to see local providers choosing local technologies designed and built right here in Canada. The MagicMail server is designed to lower adminstrative burdens, and develop happier and more loyal customers. Every support call costs on average $6 dollars, and anything that can lower the number of support calls is a welcome addition.

Not only do MagicMail purchasers get the Email Server Product, they also have the support of one of the foremost experts in email and spam security, as well as a more stable redundant infrastructure built on Linux Technology.

President/CEO Michael Peddemors reports.. “ISP's and Telco's understand. In order to reduce costs, email should be simple, and this can only be accomplished with a complete system. And with our industry leading Anti-Spam technologies and tools, customers are more happy and loyal as well.”

MagicMail is designed for ISP's and Telco's from 2,000 users to 200,000 users and is one of the few products specifically designed for ISP's, and one of the even fewer that comes with integrated Anti-Spam protection. “Allowing users to take control of their own inbox, makes for happier customers. There should be no reason to have to buy an extra 'spam protection', every email server should have it built-in. This makes it much easier for users to control what they want to see and what they don't, and administrators like it as it also helps stop outbound spam leakage, which can get them blacklisted and affect of their customers.” Michael adds.

“City West Cable and Telephone is the number one provider of Internet Access in the Prince Rupert area, and it is always nice when a company of their stature recognizes the strategic advantages of buying MagicMail”.