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Tuxedo 0.3 Beta Released

Posted on: 2009-07-07| Type: News Item

JULY 7th, 2009 VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce the release of Tuxedo 0.3 beta, the advanced AJAX webmail client for your email server. The latest update of Tuxedo features many design changes aimed to improve usability and performance. Based on the latest OpenSource technology from the RoundCube webmail team, Tuxedo gives you the functionality of traditional IMAP email software on the web.

With this new release, we are announcing a limited time offer. Until August 15th, Tuxedo is available for only $79.00 with $10.00 from every sale going to support the RoundCube project without which Tuxedo would not have been possible.

Tuxedo is available for download immediately after your purchase confirmation as a single file package. With no databases and simple configuration options, you can have this sleek webmail interface set up on your email server in minutes. For more information and to try a demo of Tuxedo visit