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Major Licensing Deal for Anti-Spam Technology.

Posted on: 2009-01-26| Type: News Item

Vancouver, BC - Jan 26, 2009 LINUXMAGIC, a Vancouver based software company has announced today that it has just reached a deal for its 'MagicSpam' Anti-Spam technology with, PARALLELS, a world leader in products for the hosting service provider market. LinuxMagic and Parallels have teamed up to offer 'MagicSpam' as the Anti-Spam solution for Parallels worldwide customer base.

LinuxMagic has built a world wide reputation for it's email and anti spam technologies, and being chosen by a company with the size and reputation of Parallels as a vendor for its Anti-Spam validates that reputation. The technology underpinning 'MagicSpam' is already in use protecting millions of users at major ISPs and Telcos throughout North America as 'MagicMail'.

President/CEO Michael Peddemors reports, “Every email server should have Anti-Spam technology built-in to protect its users, and it shouldn't be complicated. Parallels partners with us not only because we make it simpler, but also because it's cost effective for millions of their SMB customers.” Michael further states, “Everyone should have the same protection that our large ISP and Telco customers have access to.”

This was supported by Parallels's VP SaaS, Soeren Von Varchmin. “We know that being able to provide our customers and vendors with cutting edge spam protection at just a click of a mouse, and partnering with a company of LinuxMagic's expertise and proven technology is a win-win situation."

MagicSpam is a unique approach to anti-spam that offers zero-day protection in a manner that stops spam and attackers with greater flexibility, and without the overhead of traditional filtering techniques. Lowering overhead and bandwidth is especially important to the hosting service providers, and spam protection is essential for all email servers. Reduced support costs, improved email services, and simple to use tools for their customers help to eliminate industry pain points.

Parallels' customers now have the added benefit of reducing their time spent dealing with spam or spam problems. 'MagicSpam' was developed to eliminate spamming before entering the server; therefore reducing operating costs, and saving money for millions of customers. Michael comments “In these tough economic times, saving money is essential for businesses of any size, and 'MagicSpam' is the perfect solution.”