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MagicMail Readies Latest Release

Posted on: 2008-07-04| Type: News Item

LinuxMagic is about to release its latest release of the MagicMail product, built especially for ISPs and carriers. And the company is excited about its latest offering which include more enhancements to the interfaces for both end users and administrators, and making Anti-Spam protection even easier and more flexible.

President/CEO Michael Peddemors had this to say about the upcoming release. "It is all about making life easier both for email administrators and for customers... Especially in the ISP/Telco markets. And now with the updated statistical analysis tools, and updated SMTP daemons, ISPs can expect even lower call counts at the support desks, and better customer loyalty."

Mr. Peddemors went on to add, "The surprising thing is how easy Spam is to control with a good mail server. Why should a person have to pay for spam filtering on top of their mail server when the mail server can do spam protection more efficiently by itself."

The LinuxMagic team points out that its edge level technology does a better "Zero Day" protection than standard filtering methods, and that with a few simple tricks any mail server can block over 95% of the traffic its mail servers are subject to without the burden of risking false positives.

A recent study showed that a typical email server can block 2/3's of the traffic with simple valid user checking, 1/3 of the traffic just by checking the HELO, 1/3 of the traffic by checking if there is reverse DNS present in MTA-MTA traffic.

The problem is a lot of other email servers are not flexible enough to differentiate between customers emails and inbound spammers, and/or not designed to check this information BEFORE the server accepts the messages.

The flexibility of MagicMail makes it so easy to use Anti-Spam 'Best Practises', while still allowing customers to 'tweak' their own personal settings.

This, and MagicMail proprietary spam protection help to ensure that Spam is blocked in a way that works for ISPs and their customers, while reducing the overall costs of customer support as well as the cost of running and maintaining mail servers.

Protecting millions of mailboxes, the latest release is sure to be a big hit with the telecom industry.

For more information, visit the MagicMail website.