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Spam Rats Now Blocks over 50%

Posted on: 2008-05-27| Type: News Item

LinuxMagic is pleased to announce that the SpamRats database now allows mail servers to block over 50% of unwanted email and spam. SpamRats is in use at ISP's throughout North America, and because of the unique detection tools available, the RATS IP reputation databases which have now reached over 20 million IP addresses, representing mostly infected PC's, Trojans and Bots used to send out Spam, dictionary attacks, and brute force password attacks.

These Trojans and Bots sources are responsible for 50% of the traffic detected at mail servers.

LinuxMagic's flagship email server product 'MagicMail' with it's built in Anti-Spam technology, designed for the ISP and Telco's has been using IP reputation in it's servers to help block connections from Trojans and Bots, to reduce server loads and help in the fight against Spam.

Because of the wide deployment of MagicMail servers throughout North America, MagicMail servers have been able to act as an early warning detection grid to detect new trojans, bots and other abusive sources. These 'worst offenders' are added to the public lists available at SpamRats within hours of detection, enabling not only MagicMail servers, but other email servers as well to block any mail connections from these locations. This detection technology has been showing significant results, and now that SpamRats has listed over 20 million IP Addresses in it's database which are associated with machines controlled by spammers, it is now among the top IP reputation lists available to the general public. MagicMail is known for blocking more than 90% of all inbound mail attempts, BEFORE data acceptance. This 'zero day' approach also helps stop new Spam techniques before they are created.

And the tools use to detect Trojans and Bots are extremely effective, as shown by this detection chart.

With over 5 million IP addresses on RATS-NOPTR list alone, (IP Addresses with no reverse DNS) that mail servers never need accept a connection again, this has a huge impact on system resources from some of the worst types of attackers and spammers.

President/CEO Michael Peddemors was quoted as saying, "IP reputation is the most efficient form of protection, and our reputational databases and our data collection methods will place us a leader in our field by years end. There is only a finite number of IP addresses available, and there is no reason to allow the Trojan and Bot affected personal computers in the world to keep sending out Spam and attacking mail servers, once they are detected"