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Choice Communications chooses MagicMail Solutions

Posted on: 2008-01-10| Type: News Item

LinuxMagic a leading edge provider of Mail Server software and anti-spam solutions for the ISP and Telco industry, is happy to announce that Choice Communications has chosen the 'MagicMail' high volume email solution to provide email for their business.

Choice Communications, a large full service ISP based out of St. Martin, Virgin Islands, has chosen LinuxMagic's mail server solution, MagicMail and it's Best of Breed integrated anti-spam technologies to provide email and spam protection services for its customer's 20,000 email boxes. By selecting MagicMail's high volume email and anti-spam package, Choice Communication will now better protect its customers and dramatically reduce its email administration costs, and improve it's email service offerings.

As the reputation of the MagicMail servers continue to grow, LinuxMagic is experiencing more and more sales beyond continental North America, and is looking to expand into both new and emerging markets world wide.