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Product Description

LinuxMagic Workplace Server

The LinuxMagic WorkPlace Server™ is complete server solution designed for the office business. It is a centralized server which takes care all the information processing, while leaving each workstation the task of merely displaying the graphics. The WorkPlace Server has been designed to reduce maintenance cost, boost your network speed and allow your employees to still fully customize their desktop.

This is "Your Complete Office Solution" ...

  • On average, IT budgets have been increasing annually at a 17% rate
  • Has your company's bottom line increased that much each year?
  • Do you find that you are now doing a lot more tasks than you used to have to do?

Today most companies still use their computers for the exact same tasks they were doing 5 and even 10 years ago: writing letters, creating spreadsheets, browsing the web, and answering email.

Although their productivity remains constant, their IT expenses continue to rise.

The fact that desktops keep getting more technologically advanced and now come bundled with more products and feature that are seldom used, does not mean systems are getting faster or that productivity increases.

The endless cycle of upgrading hardware to match the OS, and upgrading the OS to match the hardware is an unnecessary task consuming expenses. On average, a PC with a stock Windows and MS Office package costs approximately $1700.00 CAD per year to maintain due to licensing fees, hardware upgrades, and IT maintenance.

LinuxMagic is proud to present a Linux-based solution allowing clients to take control of their IT spending, boost their productivity and improve their office.

LinuxMagic Workplace Server

Product Details

Based on the most stable operating system, LinuxMagic Workplace is a complete replacement for a Windows network.

What is thin client?

Thin client technology rests on the idea of one central server processing all the information, while leaving each workstation the task of merely displaying the graphics. This design is the key to low cost maintenance as the only required upgrades will occur on the one central server.

A quick example:

Taking the easiest method, a LinuxMagic Workplace Server is setup and running on your network within 30 minutes of arriving at your office. Existing PCs can be easily converted to become Thin Client Stations, or you can use our low-cost Thin Client stations. Existing PCs can easily go back and forth from Thin Client to Full PC as well.

Upon boot up, each PC obtains its Operating System across the network from the central server. Booting is faster, and users are presented with the familiar login screen to which they are accustomed. After the user logs in, the fully customizable desktop greets the user with all applications ready to run.

Within a few hours, your whole company can be converted, and still have the ability to fall back to using the PCs the old way within seconds.

Thin Client Hardware

  • No hard drives
  • No CD-Roms
  • No large amounts of RAM
  • Vesa2 compliant video card
  • Keyboard, mouse, a monitor
  • Network Card

The complete solution

Reducing upgrade and maintenance costs, this configuration also keeps hardware costs to a minimum. Hiring a new employee is as simple as plugging in a new Thin Client or compatible PC into the network and adding the username to the WorkPlace Server.

  • No installation
  • No operating system to buy
  • No maintenance

Workplace Features

  • Completely Customizable Desktops
  • Complete set of Office Applications
  • Complete Centralized Administration
  • No Operating System Licenses
  • "Login Anywhere" Technology
  • Complete Data Safety with RAID technology
  • Stable Linux Operating System
  • Largest assembly of Free Tools and Add-ons
  • User friendly interfaces and security built in
  • Use the Server to be your corporate Web Server, Mail Server
  • One Server can handle all your needs
  • Shortest Installation Time
  • Windows Compatibility
  • Optional Mail Server with Virus Scanning and Spam Blockers
  • A Viable Alternative to Windows* Licensing Terms

Workplace Savings

  • Only one server to maintain, instead of multiple PCs
  • Instead of the typical one IT person to 20 PCs, you can have one IT person per 300 PCs
  • Lower PC Costs
  • No Operating System Licenses
  • Free Office Applications
  • Less Down Time
  • Less Installation Time
  • Upgrading Applications - perform it once on the server, and it applies to every station
  • Estimated Annual Costs using PC Windows based typical system at $1700/pc/yr
  • Estimated Annual Costs using Thin Client PCs app. $150/pc/yr
  • Typical Savings of a 20 station office over 3 years
  • 20 stations x $1550 per station x 3 years = $93,000
  • Free Applications

Having your WorkPlace also double as your mail server, Web Server, and File Servers can add up to another $100,000 in savings. New Open Source Applications are coming onto the market everyday, as the hundreds of thousands of Linux Developers contribute their work to the public domain.


If you are interested in purchasing the LinuxMagic WorkPlace server solution or if you'd like to find out more information about the product please contact one of our sales representatives at

Client Testimonials

Fitness World

"Over the past six years, Fitness World has been working with LinuxMagic closely on a variety of IT projects. LinuxMagic helped us built our network infrastructure from the ground up, developed a number of mission-critical applications, and introduced us to their exciting Workplace thin client environment.

Many things have changed in the IT industry over the past few years, but at Fitness World our fast-paced IT environment continues to evolve with the help of LinuxMagic, our proven technology partner. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, their rates are low and, most importantly, they are always there for us when we need them -- and willing to walk an extra mile to meet our needs and exceed our expectations.

Whatever your organization's IT needs might be, from infrastructure design to network security to support to database and application development -- I would highly recommend the services of LinuxMagic. When we were selecting our trusted technology partner six years ago, we could not have made a better choice."

-- Ivan Beletsky, Senior Systems Administrator Fitness World, Surrey, British Columbia

About Fitness World

Over the past 40 years, Fitness World has evolved to become a leader in the Fitness industry by providing a proven program that produces positive, measurable, lasting results. Their purpose is to educate, inspire and empower you to reach your personal health and fitness goals.

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