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LinuxMagic has also worked on or developed other products for its parent company Wizard IT Services, and as such, we present a link to some of their product solutions.

The Wizard Remote Submit Program - is a simple program used when you need to have your applications behind a firewall, or to keep a permanent main site while the backend location can change as your load or business requirements change.

Wizard Email Hosting Services - are available for those clients who don't want to have an in-house mail server but want to take advantage of the MagicMail Server system.

The Wizard WebAccess Control System - is available for when you need to stop password and bandwidth abuses at your web server.

The QMail BulkSend Product - is available when you have to get those 10 million legitimate messages out in a single day. It is expected that this product be used for those clients hosting legitimate opt-in newsletter programs, and is part of a complete opt-in system. Wizard will help legitimate companies needing to perform these types of services, however because of abuses, this product is no longer sold as a standalone package.

ClickMe Game Engine - was designed for advertising campaigns and is a novel way to award prizes as part of an online advertising campaign.

Please visit for more information on these Wizard IT products, and other services they offer.