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LinuxMagic is a proud supporter of the OpenSource movement, and these pages include some of our contributions back to the community. Various tools, scripts, and programs that have been developed in-house are listed on these pages, as well as other opensource projects that have been contributed by other individuals and companies that also support the movement. If you have a request for services or feel that something else of importance to the community should belong here, please contact us at LinuxMagic is also is available to develop custom Linux Applications on contract and offers support and services contracts.

Are you interested in helping with the development of OpenSource Linux projects? Would you like to test or use our OpenSource software? This is the right place for you.

OpenSource Support

OpenSource support is an important part of what we do. Contact the experts at LinuxMagic no matter what software package you are using. Below is a small list of products we specialize in:

Supported Linux OS

LinuxMagic provides support contracts on many flavours of Linux, no matter which version you have. We can help protect your systems:

LinuxMagic is a proud supporter of many OpenSource Projects. We would like to make special note of the following:

Ask about VOIP

Looking for support or installation of OpenSource VOIP implementations? Please contact us and ask about Asterisk® based servers and how you can move over to VOIP in your office.