LinuxMagic BMS - Blacklist Mastering System - Whitelists

Using White Lists with the BMS System

Using WhiteLists with the BMS system, really depends on what you mean when you describe whitelists.

If you simply want to allow a service, when the IP Address matches that on a specific list, this is the most general form of Whitelists. If you are adding the BMS system to your existing systems, you may already have a method used to "whitelist" an IP Address. Just be careful on your implementation so that whitelisted addresses don't' get blacklisted if using the BMS system to report those addresses.

For larger providers how, who may have need for large whitelists, and need fast lookup times, the IP Mastering System can be used for both methods of course, you are just choosing what action to perform if the address matches a certain list.

But sometimes, you wish to combine them, using a single BMS Lookup. This is simple if you have the remastering system. You simply mark all addresses that you want to reject, then unmark any that are on your whitelists. Using the IP Address Mastering System, this can be automatically done for you.

The main reason we mention whitelisting, is that most mail systems do not allow for whitelisting addresses coming from those addresses that are on a blacklist when using typical RBL style offerings, preventing the use of the more aggressive blacklists. We STRONGLY suggest that your mail servers allow the ability to whitelist email addresses on a per user basis, while still allowing blocking of blacklists on a per user or system wide basis.

If your mail program does not allow for this, our complete Mail Server package, the MagicMail™ Server or contact our sales department for more information on how you can get this for your installations.