LinuxMagic BMS - Blacklist Mastering System - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the BMS System

Welcome to the FAQ page, the place for any questions regarding the Blacklist Mastering System.

  • Why are you blocking my Email?

    We do NOT block Email. If your wanted email is being blocked, you should talk to your ISP or the person in charge of your mail server.

  • Why is my IP Address on your lists?

    The lists supplied with BMS are not our own and we have no control over which IPs are part of these lists. The lists are supplied by various parties, using their own standards of inclusion on their lists. To find out why you have been added to a particular list you will have to go to the main BMS page, follow the links to a specific list, and contact the list supplier directly.

  • How can I become a BMS List Server Mirror?

    We always welcome mirrors and we appreciate your interest in trying to help us lower the loads, however any machines that wish to use your mirror for updates will have to explicitly set your server in their configuration file.

  • How did you select the lists that you offer?

    Any professional listing service that is willing to allow us to remaster their data so that we can redistribute it is allowed to be included in the BMS package. However we have left it up to the individual user of the BMS Client Programs to decide what lists he wants to use.

  • How can I remaster my own lists for my own use?

    If you are XYZ corporation or if you are a country that wants to provide your DUL lists free to the public, you should contact List remastering will depend on what it is you are trying to do, but you will need the IP Address Mastering System.

  • How good is this REALLY?

    To see the effectiveness of the Blacklist Mastering System visit the stats page. You will see that the majority of spam comes from several specific addresses. Put those addresses on a list, and instantly, all spam from them disappears. Yet, if you need, you can still have a system that will easily allow you to accept mail from certain people on those lists. Also included are sample server stats, showing how much mail is blocked using this system.

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