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BMS Download Page

It is our intention that the BMS Client Programs remain Freely Distributable, and work on all platforms. However, all platforms is a pretty big mouthful, and you may find that the binaries for your distribution are not yet listed. If so, please let us know so that we CAN make them available. For now, here are some of the support platforms and the links to the BMS Client Programs for them. Again, no warranty is given for the use of these programs, or the content of the lists that you choose to select to use in your particular installation. For the complete IP Mastering System, should you require it to become your own BMS List Provider, please contact This system is also offered at no cost for qualified parties.

Debian Linux

Debian Stable (Woody) Package (.deb)

Debian Unstable Package (.deb)

  • The Woody version should work

Novell/SuSE Linux

  • Not Available Yet for Download


  • Not Available Yet for Download


  • Not Available Yet for Download

Generic Linux


Sun MicroSystems

  • Not Available Yet for Download



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