LinuxMagic BMS - Blacklist Mastering System


Blacklist Mastering System

LinuxMagic's Blacklist Mastering System™ (BMS) is a product that is designed to allow a person to easily and quickly identify an IP Address to see if it is one of many IP Lists.

While there are many reasons to check if an IP Address is on a certain list or not, the main reason is to stop spammers! There are already many great IP address lists available that you might choose to blacklist. However, most of these lists are in different formats and are maintained differently, and often at different locations. As well, traditionally, it is very difficult or too resource intensive to use multiple lists.

This is solved by using our 'Blacklist Mastering System'. Our program takes care of sorting and converting these lists into a standardized unique format that allows client programs to do ultra fast lookups of hundreds or even thousands of lists, and get the results to see if an address is on any of these lists.

Of course, we use this system ourselves in the MagicMail Server we have chosen to provide this system as a standalone product because we firmly believe that the IP Address space is a finite number, and that it is possible to selectively choose to allow only connections from non-spamming mail servers, or address space. The problem, until now, is that in order to do that, many lists were required.

System and administrators need an easy way to selectively choose as many lists as they want. We are now offering that solution. Feel free to download the client programs to use on your own mail servers, or other systems.

NOTE: This system can be used for ANY decision making process where you have to quickly identify if an address is on one or more lists.

We are currently offering the client programs free of charge and allowing free downloads by the client programs of the Remastered Anti-Spam Blacklists shown on this page, in the hopes that the statistics and blocking ability help protect against all spammers.

This system also lets you easily allow whitelisting of IP Addresses. This is very important in these days of litigation, and helps you use the most stringent of blacklists while allowing the odd address that gets listed either inaccurately by your standards, or that for some other reason you feel you need to allow.

It is our hope that lists of which addresses should not be sending regular mail will be made available by every country, and voluntarily by the ISPs and Telcos themselves. Until then, lists of known spammer friendly networks, as well as lists of ISPs that don't respond or co-operate with anti-spam efforts are being constantly compiled. We can ensure that mail only arrives from professional mail service handlers, or ISPs and Telcos that work to stamp out spam. We believe that spam can be controlled by identifying where it comes from!

Feel free to test drive our system, and see how it can help you.

Supplied Lists

Although the BlackList Mastering System can handle thousands of lists, as a BMS List Provider Service ourselves we provide the following lists remastered by default. These lists are available for your systems to poll against, or download in remastered format, for use by BMS client programs.

Blacklist Mastering System Packaged Lists

The lists that we provide are as a BMS List Provider. We do not offer DNSBL services. BMS can be used instead of DNSBL. Some list providers may use the BMS system to offer DNSBL services of their own lists.