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Welcome to our Qmail page. Qmail is one of the finest mail server programs. It is incredibly easy to use and is the most flexible product that we have tested to date. We are proud to be able to contribute to this OpenSource product. Please feel free to visit their site for more information or use the tools and information listed here.

LinuxMagic, along with Wizard IT Services, are constantly working with high volume Qmail servers for ISPs and other corporations, and as such, develop tools and programs to work in conjunction with Qmail. If you haven't switched to Qmail already, please visit the official Qmail web site to see the full advantages it offers. If you are already using Qmail, feel free to use the OpenSource tools that we have developed below, or contact us if you would like us to develop a custom mail server or custom Qmail tools.

If you need help with your current Qmail installation Wizard IT Services provides complete Qmail support, Qmail utilities and installations of Qmail servers for almost any need. This includes spam blockers, virus scanners, mailing list software & tools and complete web interfaces.

If you are thinking of implementing a Qmail server - you have made the right choice, and we recommend it for all internet and corporate mail servers, no matter what the load.

Qmail has many features that makes it very well-suited for internet and corporate mail servers:

  • Completely modular design: different programs are used for different functions (Qmail has a very solid, well thought-out architecture)
  • Emphasis on security: Qmail has never had a serious compromise
  • Extreme flexibility: Qmail can be used for a large variety of purposes & niches and can be adapted easily
  • Reliability: By re-examining many mailer assumptions, Qmail is a package that doesn't make many of the mistakes that earlier implementations of SMTP made
  • Speed: Qmail is fast!
  • Licensing & Price: The Qmail source is fully available and re-distributable free of charge
  • Simple: Qmail is designed with simplicity in mind

Our Qmail Utilities

  • Qmail Remove - The Qmail Remove utility will remove messages containing a particular string from your Qmail queue.
  • Qmail Delivery Monitor - This program is intended for use in watching qmail deliveries via the qmail log.
  • Qmail Destroy - Qmail Destroy is a program to remove a message from qmail's queue. You do not have to stop qmail to remove the message.

Qmail Patches

Here are a few Qmail patches that we at LinuxMagic have found to be helpful and commonly use for our support customers:

A Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to Dan Bernstein and the others that came before us. If not for their fine work in this area we would not have been able to provide the world class service in Mail Servers that we have up to date. We would like to especially thank all the users of our products & patches, and the brave souls that were our early testers during our development.