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This is the homepage for the OpenSource portions of the LinuxMagic MagicMail Server products.

MagicMail Email Server

The new website for the commercial version of the MagicMail Server is located at

Because of the power of the anti-spam tools we have (had) developed an OpenSource version of the Magic SMTPD server, which is a drop-in replacement for the qmail-smtpd daemon, developed by Dan Bernstein which we have released under the LinuxMagic Free Source License. However, now that Qmail has been released under new licenses, the need for our SMTPD daemon to the opensource community is not as great as before. Although we still have many requests for it because of the built-in Anti-Spam components, we cannot justify maintaining this tree anymore. We can however on a custom basis make your Qmail installation work with our 'MagicSpam' technology. Otherwise, if you are looking for a supported replacement you can look at the notes below for the commercial version. Our regrets to all those currently using magic-smtpd, however if you are using this product, we will still try to help you out if you email our support department or sales department.

If you really need access to the deprecated information, it is still available for a while at

Commercial Version Notes:

The MagicMail Server is a complete installation of all of LinuxMagic's specialized features for a complete and robust mail server for the ISP & Telco industries. The MagicMail Server includes support for anti-spam techniques, high volume mailing, virus scanning, and pro-active user protection, as well as a complete management interface and user interface to allow customization for all tasks. The MagicMail Server is also designed for easy integration with ISP billing programs.

Complete support packages are also available.

The MagicMail Server comes complete with the following components:

  • Complete installation, using a Debian based system for easy maintenance and upgrades
  • Custom kernel to allow high volume traffic
  • Custom proprietary version of the LinuxMagic 'Magic SMTPD' daemon, with support for anti-spam, virus checking, and pro-active mail denial system
  • Complete Postgres database with advanced mail system design
  • Complete administration tools via a web interface for adding default anti-spam rules, enabling user anti-spam and virus checking, changing passwords and user information
  • Complete user web based mail system, with the ability to change user passwords if desired, and complete IMAP and web based mail checking
  • Support packages and billing system integration
  • Statistics and monitoring tools

For more information, please visit the MagicMail Server homepage at