LinuxMagic - OpenSource - Debian Install

LinuxMagic Simple Debian Linux Install via Net Assist

We put together this ISO image for people that want us to install and setup a Linux server for them. We have tried to make the install quick and simple, with minimal intervention from the user. The Debian operating system will be installed with minimal options. If the install goes as planned, we will be able to log in using SSH (Secure Shell) to complete the rest of the installation for you.

When you have completed the installation, call us at LinuxMagic with the IP address and the 'root' and 'wizard' passwords. Then we can login and complete the setup of your server.

Our phone number is: (604) 682-0300

Debian Linux Distribution

The link to download the ISO image is in the menu bar to the right, as well as the installation instructions to help you walk through the initial setup - simply and painlessly.

Debian is a distribution of Linux that is well suited for only installing exactly what you need, and nothing more. As well, it offers simple maintenance and upgrade options that are particularly suited to lowering your support costs. For complete information on Debian, please visit the Debian home page. Our ISO image only uses Debian OpenSource products, and sources are available for the individual packages used at the Debian home page. For a complete list of packages included, please contact regarding the source listings.