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Redwood Telephone.

"We have been very happy with the MagicMail package. Prior to purchasing the MagicMail server, spam was one of the most important issues that we were dealing with. In six months of having the new server in place, the amount of spam that our end users receive has decreased by 60% to 95%, depending on the level of spam control that the user has decided to implement. A very important feature to us is that the system is somewhat user controlled. The end user can decide what level of spam control they would like and is also able to blacklist or whitelist by domain or IP address. In addition to the spam controls and in response to their customers' requests, Linux Magic has also added a "Junk Mail" filter called MIPSpace, which blocks annoying junk mail from certain marketing companies.

We needed to migrate 3000 users to the new server, and the support personnel was very helpful during the migration and continues to be very knowledgeable of the product."

-- Josh Lueck, Network Administrator for Redwood Telephone

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OTT Communications.

LinuxMagic has done a great job of developing the most complete email server package I have ever used. Our migration was flawless and the system is so intuitive that my email provisioning team was trained in no time .... The servers are rock solid and our customers are happy; We absolutely made the right choice when we decided to make MagicMail our new email platform

-- Jared Simpson, IP Engineer

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DSL Extreme.

"Your MagicMail product has allowed our company to keep up with our rapid growth in terms of scalability and reliability. In addition, the amount of spam received by our customers has been significantly reduced and customers now have the ability to interactively control what comes into their mailboxes. This is truly a great product."

-- Dean Russ, Director of Information Systems, DSL Extreme, California

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Mutual Telephone.

"I am just writing to let you know how great your MagicMail product is.MagicMail a very reliable mail server and I believe it to be the best spam filtering solution there is. The support I get is also the BEST."

-- Aaron Thompson, Manager of Data Services for Mutual Telephone

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Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club.

We have been working with LinuxMagic and Wizard IT on various projects over the last 15 years. I have nothing but the highest praise for their staff, they have some of the best developers and system admins that I've met. We had many changes in our IT environment, but LinuxMagic and Wizard IT have always remained one of our most valuable technology partners. Over the years, they helped us designing, deploying, and supporting many parts of our IT infrastructure and applications. Our joint projects included MagicMail (we were one of the first adopters about 13 years ago and are still using it now), web applications, database design and support, network security, and system administration.

LinuxMagic and Wizard IT are a relatively small company, but each of their techs is worth their weight in gold. I am looking forward to our continued work with LinuxMagic and Wizard IT and will highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable technology partner.

-- Ivan Beletsky, IT Manager

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AllWest Communications.

"Magicmail has been one of the best additions to our Internet service. The customer management, scalability, and reliability have been outstanding! Technical support is one of my top priorities. The LinuxMagic staff has been wonderful to work with. They have been responsive and have gained my trust in their abilities to get the job done right the first time. I have been very happy with Magicmail and LinuxMagic and would recommend them to anyone."

-- Matthew Weller, Manager of Network Services, All West Communications

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Heritage Wireless Internet.

"We have been using Magic Mail for a while now and I will have to say that it is one of the best systems I have worked with. Usability is great. The DNS add-on is a must have for any company who wants to host email for other domains. The ability of this system to handle large volumes of emails is amazing. We get in the ball park of 60,000 emails a day and this server has yet to have a problem with that kind of volume. Customer service has been great, they have been able to answer every question that I have put to them. I would definitely recommend Linux Magic to anyone who wants a stable highly customizable mail system."

-- Ben, Systems Administrator, Heritage Wireless Internet

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NW Netcom, Inc..

"Today the ever increasing technical challenges facing ISP's are numerous. In order to move ahead in the market you need to be ahead of these challenges. One of the most important yet basic services is E-mail. Hosting E-mail means blocking spam and viruses, providing feature rich attractive easy-to-use web mail and most importantly keeping the mail running. When it came time for us to migrate from Rockliffe to a new mail system we found that only LinuxMagic provided us with an all-in-one solution. The most important factors for us were redundancy, ease of administration, spam protection and a smooth migration ensuring no downtime.

With the proper hardware and LinuxMagic we were able to implement a truly redundant solution allowing us to make 99% up time a much more realistic goal. We found the administration easy to perform and an interface full of time saving features, such as allowing us to implement management of DNS and RADIUS within the same control panel. Our experience with the Magic Mail team has been nothing short of top notch. It's apparent when working with them on technical issues, be it with the support group or the migration team, that you know you're working with real professionals in their field. Our migration team was able to find viable solutions to problems and adapt their software to meet our specific needs.

For NW Netcom, Magic Mail has truly been a one stop shop for all our mail server and antispam needs."

-- Brian Howe, Network Operations Group, NW Netcom, Inc.

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ASP Global Services.

"The LinuxMagic team has been a major contributing factor in the success of our ASP business model. Their knowledge and technical skills have far exceeded all other technical/security companies we have done business with. Their support and flexibility to work within our technical model has never been disappointing. LinuxMagic has helped us with security audits & hardening, infrastructure development, programming connectors, advanced Linux development, and 24 hour 7 days a week support of our servers."

-- Dayveian Lopez, Director of Technology, ASP Global Services, Inc., UniCode Division

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Metis Nation British Columbia.

The professional staff at LinuxMagic have provided excellent IT, database development and programming support services for almost a decade now. 24/7/365 customer service is second to none.

Knowledgeable, trusted, reliable and excellent company to work with. Highly recommend them.

-- Laurel Katernick, Director of Registry

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