LinuxMagic - Our Clients

Our clients range from ISPs to corporations to law enforcement agencies to private individuals and developers. With our expertise in software development, security, high volume mail & web servers, and implementing Linux in the office environment, we are a premier Linux support house and a valuable outsourcing tool for our clients and partners.

With over 30 products developed for Linux, our development team has the expertise in embedded applications, server applications, and desktop applications.

On top of all that, we are glad as a company that we can also contribute back to Linux and the OpenSource community, with code, services, products and tools.

Our Support Clients

LinuxMagic's services have resulted in developing long-standing relationships with numerous major clients. Whether dealing with local, national, or overseas customers, we remain committed to their satisfaction. Our clients choose us based on our speed, quality of work, and reliable support to meet all their specific requirements and keep their systems running smoothly.

We provide support services primarily in the North American Market, and have a reputation as the Premier Linux Support House in the Pacific Northwest, and we are proud to say it is because of our high level or service, response times, and expert knowledge base we have in house. See some of the testimonials from our customers, and see why we have built that reputation.

Our Product Clients

Our products have also received great reviews from our customers, both from our commercial products, and from the OpenSource products that we have shared with the public. We have received front page national coverage on implementations and enjoy a constant stream of support from many worldwide users. It is this level of satisfaction from our customers that makes LinuxMagic so proud of their developments, not only for the technological advances, but because they offer real world solutions, that solve real world pains.


LinuxMagic has established working partnerships with a number of key companies with interest in Linux and OpenSource software.

  • Novell/SuSE
  • Cognos
  • IBM


LinuxMagic enjoys their alliances with both commercial and OpenSource organizations, and is proud to work with and support the following:

  • Platypus
  • ClamAV
  • X.Org
  • Qmail
  • KDE/Debian